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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We spent the afternoon investigating logos and the elements that make them, particularly looking at how game logos need to show a little extra information around how the game is played, the logos for other media do not always have.

We created a list of keywords for our game that should be incorporated or considered for our logos.

Mine were;



Moving on








Environmental puzzles

Idealised past

Repressed memories


After this I did some investigation into current games using some of these keywords and created a mood board of these games' logos.

The logos I found for relevant games tended to be predominantly wordmarks, however after some investigation I found they all had at least 2 or 3 variants of their logo for different situations, the most common variant would be the wordmark logo over an image from the game, but some would have additional aspects within the logo, or entirely different logos using a different type entirely. A Short Hike for example sometimes shows its logo as simply the stylized text wordmark, the wordmark over a screenshot from the game, the wordmark above its mascot, or the mascot on their own.

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Firewatch was another game that had both a wordmark and pictorial mark logo, both shown in the moodboard.

Using these inspirations I tried to make a logo, I decided it should be mostly text, and tried to create a font that inspired nostalgia. For me that font is a curly connected style, that weaves into and through itself.

I sketched out the rough concept for this, then brought the sketch into illustrator to make a cleaner version, and make some adjustments.